How to Order

To be completed safely and successfully the stem cells isolation is important for parents to:

Have come in contact with the customer service in Medstem Services. The service department will inform them for the cooperation with the company and they will supply them with the contracts and the collection device.

Be sure to collect the package delivered to your midwife or doctor in good time before the birth, so that they carry out the collection of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord segment.
In case the delivery will be carried out to any of the IASO maternity units, the collection kit is always available on the childbirth premises and staff of the IASO Group ensures the safe transport of samples according to the laboratories standards of Medstem Services.

To receive in time the collection packs please call the following phone numbers:
8011 11 4444 or 6105 210 020. The collection kit will be delivered to you by courier a few days later.

The Cord Blood Collection:

Just after birth, through a simple, completely safe and painless procedure, the doctor collects a sample of blood from the umbilical cord as well as umbilical cord tissue sample.

Cord blood and cord tissue should be sent to the laboratory immediately.

Then you should inform Medstem Services for childbirth, any time of the day to arrange the transportation of samples to the laboratory in Medstem Services for processing and storage.

The process of cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and storage of the cells will be held to strict laboratory conditions and immediately (after collection), thus eliminating the risk of cell loss in populations and viability of the sample.


Samples should be kept at room temperature.